Long Island Honey Bee Conference: Topics Announced

The Long Island Beekeepers Club is proud to host the 2013 LONG ISLAND HONEY BEE CONFERENCE on Sunday, October 20, 2013 at St. John’s University D’Angelo Center, Queens NY. There will be six seminars delivered by three of the most renowned speakers in the world of beekeeping: DR. JEFF PETTIS, MICHAEL PALMER, and JIM HASKELL. For more information.

Jim Haskell
Overwintering Nucs in Summer Dearth Areas
Bee Club Sponsored Queen and Nuc Program

Jeff Pettis
Why Queens Are Failing
The Mystery and Myth of CCD and Pollinator Declines

Mike Palmer
Setting Up, Managing, and Wintering Nucleus Colonies
Raising Queens to Support Your Nucleus Colonies